Limited or awkward outdoor space doesn’t mean limiting your outdoor potential!

Limited or awkward outdoor space doesn’t mean limiting your outdoor potential!

When it comes to developing an inspiring outdoor learning environment, many settings struggle because they have a limited or awkward playground space that they want to use but don’t know where to start. It may be that the space is too small, is too muddy, has too much wetpour or too much tarmac or they want to make use of a slope or access a roof space for play.

Here at Playgarden no space is too challenging because all our play space designs are developed by Landscape Architects who are well versed with working in challenging outdoor environments. Sometimes all that is needed is a new perspective to capitalise on what limited space you have, creating imaginative play pockets that need not cost the earth.Take a look at some examples of how we can work in difficult environments:

As with most development programs, planning is essential. Take a look at what space you have, often areas that have historically been overlooked could, with a little imagination become interesting and creative play pockets. Overgrown passageways and flower beds could become key play features.

Consider the needs of the children. Different year groups will have different needs, the aim is to create a combination of spaces that satisfy all their distinct requirements. Also, consult the children, the user groups, what do they want from their space? A quiet area for relaxing, a rough and tumble area? It is likely that their thoughts might be different to yours, they will be less equipment dominated and more naturalistic.

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