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Children are born playful and curious. Here at Playgarden we understand the importance to you of creating Early Years play environments where children can make choices and pursue independence. The multi-sensory experience from being outdoors helps children gain and retain knowledge more effectively, whilst making connections with the real world.

A play-based approach to learning has long been advocated by early years pioneers such as Froebel, Piaget and Montessori as being more developmentally appropriate, more creative and holistic which is why Playgarden design and build outdoor playgrounds for schools and nurseries that facilitate independent learning and where children learn through their own investigations.

We understand that if you’re making a decision to spend money on developing your outdoor playground, this can seem a daunting task. This is why at Playgarden we believe it is worth taking the time to understand what learning and developmental outcomes you are trying to achieve and, working together with our Early Years Landscape Architect you will get the playground design that exactly suits your school or nursery setting.

All our school and nursery playground designs are completely bespoke as we strive to develop well-planned outdoor environments which act as a rich stimulus for creative thinking and learning, affording opportunities for challenge, enquiry, critical thinking, reflection and problem-solving.

If you’re looking for playground equipment, then our range from international play provider Richter Spielgerate offer a large range of developmentally appropriate pieces.

From role play, construction, sand and water to physical development the potential to make your school or early years outdoors special is limitless.

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