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Play matters…

We know that outdoor play within your school or nursery matters to you and it matters to us also. We believe that no matter what age your children, play doesn’t have to stop within school.

The play of children aged 6 – 13 shares many of the characteristics with that of younger children… It is experimental, exploratory, spontaneous, active and highly social which is why here at Playgarden we design and build rich playground environments for schools where children are free to interact and experience.

We start by looking at what you want to achieve within your playground and work with you toward these outcomes. Perhaps you are looking for more engaging ways of developing the curriculum. Maybe you want to get the children to be more physically active. Perhaps you want to develop a deeper connection with nature or facilitate environmental awareness.

We understand that children play everywhere and with many different materials which is why in addition to our range of playground equipment we work with the landscape to introduce more natural and manipulative parts.

School landscape design and playground design presents an opportunity to improve the quality of time spent in your outdoor playground environment.

• Social interaction – with other young people
• Natural world – weather, plants, trees
• Loose parts – natural and man-made which can be manipulated, moved, adapted and built
• Natural elements – earth, air, fire and water
• Challenge and risk taking opportunities
• Role play opportunities
• Movement opportunities – running, jumping, climbing, balancing and rolling
• Rough and tumble play

Playful Design

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