Receive your Free copy of Playgardens Wildlife Poster Calendar

Receive your Free copy of Playgardens Wildlife Poster Calendar

‘Wilderness without wildlife is just scenery’ – Lois Crisler

Playgarden has produced a FREE Wildlife Planner which is full of ideas, tips and guidance to aid your setting discover the wonders of wildlife, all year round.

This A1 Poster which can be hung easily onto the wall, takes an in-depth look at a multitude of animal species such as wild birds, bees, butterflies, mammals and amphibians providing a month by month breakdown of the annual lifecycle of these animals.

                     Hedgehog Hibernating, Nature Garden       

Suggestions within the Playgarden Wildlife Calendar include;

  • February is peak bird feeding month as natural food reserves have been depleted and garden birds are reliant upon your bird feeders, so keep these stocked up
  • September is the ideal month to put up dormice boxes as they become ready for hibernation in October
  • In December, keep an eye out for late flying bumble bees on sunny days, they may not find enough food to get the energy to fly home, so be ready with the sugar food
  • July is peak flying month for butterflies. It’s a great time to take an ID guide to see how many species you can see on a still, sunny day.
  • In April frog spawn and toad eggs are found in ponds and become tadpoles. Frogs will leave the pond and feast on garden pests (critical time to avoid all chemical use in the garden).



To request a copy of the Playgarden Wildlife Planner (A1 Poster) please email us.

To find out more about how Playgarden can bring wildlife and growing into your outdoor area please call us on 0114 2821285.