SEN and Play in Schools

SEN and Play in Schools

Every child with SEN and disabilities should get an education that allows them to achieve their full potential and this includes the same opportunities to harness learning and development through play.

Children whatever their age or need, want to play freely and confidently in an accessible environment. Here at Playgarden we design and build inclusive play spaces that put children with SEN and disability at the heart of the design. We utilise specialist Landscape Architects who fully understand play and inclusive design, giving full consideration to: access; space; sensory awareness; flexibility and adaptability; health and well-being; and safety and security.

Experiencing the outdoor environment is an important part of school life and a clear rationale should be developed so that outdoor spaces enrich learning, teaching and recreation. Here at Playgarden we believe that every child should have equal access to play opportunities. Our inclusive landscape led playscapes and inclusive playground equipment allows children with disabilities and special needs to play alongside able bodied children.

Kisharon’s Tuffkid Nursery is a Jewish Nursery in Barnet where mainstream children and children with special needs learn and develop together through play.

‘The play garden was not focused on play equipment, but on the environment and this is what I wanted for Tuffkid. The garden is an oasis of calm and our new intake of children seem to have settled more quickly than in previous years. Parents have been overwhelmed.’
Janice Marriott, Headteacher, Tuffkid Nursery, Barnet


Fairfields School in Northampton wanted to completely overhaul their Early Years playground for children with severe or profound learning difficulties, communication and physical difficulties.

The new outdoor play area provides lots of opportunities for children of all abilities to move and be boisterous within the space. The space is fully wheelchair accessible with careful thought being given to the surface and textures to ensure they are suitable but also fun because the school wanted their children to experience the delight of different sensations underfoot.