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What our customers think…

Here at Playgarden we really value what our customers think and we believe in providing new customers with references from our previous projects. We encourage any school or nursery looking to develop their outdoor space to check the references of any company they work with and if possible visit one their sites.

Working with Playgarden has been great, the Landscape Architect was quick to seize the opportunities of the space and the finished design was beautiful. The play area is being very well used, although the staff are still learning about the best way to make the most of the site, they can already see the wonderful opportunities it gives the children. It has certainly got people talking, we have had several head teachers from neighbouring schools come out to look at the site and have received so many compliments.”

“I had a strong desire to provide children with the opportunity to be children, giving them a space within which they could be free; to explore, to investigate, to interact with natural elements, to play, to use their imagination. Many children entering school nowadays have unfortunately not had these experiences – and it is very gratifying to see their faces as they experience sand and water for the first time.”

“The breaktime experience is very important for St Michael’s, we are keen to provide open ended opportunities for play. In fact, we have made the afternoon break completely flexible, a bell does not go and pupils can take their break whenever they wish, at a point that suits them. This has been so successful that we have applied it across the school, for all pupils from 3 – 11.”

“We seek to periodically re-energise all of our play areas by putting key resources out, dressing up clothes, pots of bubble mixture, large sheets etc. The pupils never know when these will appear, but are delighted to find them and have the most fun using these resources within the space. We are now at the early stages of developing the outdoor space further, with Playgarden for the older pupils, as even the year 6’s are jealous of the play opportunities the infants have. It is very apparent that even 11 year olds still want sand and water play.”
Samantha Cosgrove, Headteacher, St Michael’s Cof E Primary


We had been looking around for an outdoor company that would help us create a flexible, open-ended play environment which maximised the play potential of the landscape. We found that most companies just wanted to sell us play equipment and were unable to see our vision for a landscape led play space that meets the needs of the early years. We were recommended Playgarden by another local school who had been impressed with how they work. Utilising Playgarden’s Specialist Early Years Landscape Architect service we were able to work alongside the architect to create a design that provided the play experiences we were keen to embrace – sand and water, multiple journeys, more planting and different levels.”

“We were really pleased with this service because we were able to work hand in hand with the architect to develop a play environment rich in play and learning opportunities for the early years. We really felt that the architect took the time to understand what we were trying to achieve in the space and it was good value for money to invest at the beginning of the project to ensure we achieved the outcome we were looking for.”
Maggie Darlington, Business Manager, Moss Hall Primary School


We are delighted with the first play area we have developed with Playgarden. They have helped us meet our goal of creating a fantastic space for our children. The surfacing now means that the play areas can be accessed in all weathers. This redevelopment has been inspiring for both children and staff. As a result of the success of this play area we have entered into a commitment to use Playgarden on our future play areas also.”
Anita Wilden, Chief Operating Officer, Active Learning


It was important for us to develop an outside playspace that embraced the beautiful natural setting of the Nursery. The use of wood and other natural play materials really brings out the idea of a ‘playgarden’ for the children and makes it feel as though we have a classroom outdoors. It is wonderful for the teaching staff and parents to watch the children develop their social skills through things such as role play, whilst at the same time overcoming many of the physical challenges the equipment provides. It has received a big thumbs up from the children who love the idea of no nonsense, play, play play!
Paddy Beels, Head teacher, Wingate Nursery


From the outset we wanted an ambitious Playgarden Design, one that understood the landscape and how this would develop in the next few years. We didn’t want something that was at odds with the natural environment but something that complemented it. With so many children at the nursery, each with their individual needs we wanted something that offered variety and will engage them each and every time they play.”
Lindsay Bray, Head Teacher at Sandy Lane Nursery