Playground Installation

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Playground Installation

Your school or nursery playground installation is important to us which is why we strive to ensure that the playground installation process is as smooth as possible.

We understand the constraints that you are under, with working hours and school term time, which is why we accommodate our school playground installations to suit you. There is nothing that fazes our playground installation team and we quickly adapt to whatever your situation is on site; from school roof gardens, courtyards with access only through the school, or unusual topography we modify our operations to suit. Our gifted crafts people and landscapers are able to work on bespoke features as no two school or nursery playgrounds are the same.

Once you have agreed to proceed with an installation you will be assigned a dedicated on site Project Manager who, together with a team of experts, will bring your school or  nursery playground design to life. The Project Manager will organise a pre-site meeting to discuss all matters arising, including movement around the site, deliveries, health and safety and how the installation will progress. The Project Manager will be present throughout the whole build, regularly updating you on progress.

In addition to our skilled on site team, our operations team, here at Playgarden’s head office, is ready to guide you through the project construction. They will support you to ensure the minimum disruption with maximum care, through to completion and beyond.