A Boulder Way to Play

A Boulder Way to Play

Boulders, cobbles and pebbles are becoming increasingly popular features in playgrounds, and it is easy to see why…

They provide a rich developmental landscape that is high in play value. They work particularly well alongside sand, encouraging children to explore the adventurous side to their nature.

It doesn’t matter what age the children, boulders have a timeless quality. They can add landform, contours and level changes to a play environment. They provide a place to jump or simply to sit and chat with friends. As a rough natural material they also support children in learning to assess risk and danger, vital skills for life!

Pebbles offer multiple play possibilities, as loose material for filling, pouring and moving, as a landscape for small-world play and as a large number of small items for placing and arranging. Each piece of stone has unique details, which young children are observant enough to distinguish, Close up the colours are variable, as are shape and size, allowing for a great deal of sorting and pattern-making.

However, in some instances Practitioners are nervous about a child hurting themselves on a boulder or cobble but statistically play is very safe. There is an element of risk in everything that we all do in everyday life and children should be allowed to make their own decisions upon what they are comfortable with trying.

The fact is that every year thousands of children are hurt riding bikes but parents do not stop this activity. So here at Playgarden, we encourage the use of boulders, cobble and pebbles in outdoor environments, no matter what age the children, encouraging A BOULDER WAY TO PLAY.