St Edmund’s Nursery School, Bradford

St Edmund’s Nursery School, Bradford

St Edmund’s is a small, popular Nursery School, situated in an inner city area of Bradford.

Project Brief

After moving into a new building in 2006, staff at St Edmund’s Nursery School & Children’s Centre, Bradford, decided to hold off the installation of a new outdoor play area so they could observe the children and how they interacted within the space. Twelve months later they understood that the natural lie of the land could provide great potential for play and selected a Playgarden design to enhance the landscape alongside installing exciting and durable equipment. The brief was to provide something challenging and creative for the children which is why we came up with a play area that utilised nursery favourites, sand and water, alongside wide slides and design features.


As nearly 200 children attend the nursery at different levels of development it was important that St Edmund’s provided a space which could capture their imagination, supporting the staff by promoting independent play. This play area was developed particularly with younger children in mind, using hard-wearing equipment in order to withstand the toughest toddler and the most persistent pre-schooler. A waterpump is being well used, helping build relationships through play as children work together to fill vessels and pump water, and a sensory garden has recently been planted which should be emerging throughout the spring.

Equipment: Building Site, Embankment Slide, Hut Combination 35 and Playground pump, water channels and mud table.

Landscaping: Planting, boulders and natural materials.

Surfacing: Sand, Grass Matting.

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