Sandy Lane Nursery School, Warrington

Sandy Lane Nursery School – Warrington

Sandy Lane provides a high level of guidance and support for children in these vital years of early education, offering opportunities for personal, social and emotional development.

Project Brief

Sandy Lane Nursery School wanted to develop a play area that could be developed over years rather than months. They wanted the play area to blend into the landscape and become a part of it. To do this the site had to live and breathe with the seasons and the play equipment blend into their natural landscape. The playgarden needed to be flexible and versatile, meeting the needs of children from 0-5years of age, some with special needs and limited mobility.


The playgarden was designed to challenge the development of this very inquisitive age group – 0-5 years. This age range presented its own challenges, namely that there had to be something for everyone whilst at the same time challenging the different age groups. To do this we designed a playgarden that used different shapes and textures. We built both sand and water features, whilst at the same time using the undulating landscape for hills and building shelters in the form of play houses. We intermingled geometric shapes with non conventional shapes that fit with the unique landscapes, encouraging children to test their balance and co-ordination skills.

Equipment: Building Site, Playhouses

Landsaping: Boulders, planting, water play, shade, decking and sand play

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