Imagination is a powerful tool, which for some children is innate and in others it may need some general encouragement. When children participate in dramatic types of play, they can practice the words that they have heard others saying. This in turn encourages the use and expansion of their vocabulary and language skills.

Playhouses are a stimulus for role play for young children. In addition to ‘making home’, they can be used for shops, garages, post office and café culture! The versatility of the range means that add-on’s increase play opportunities. They can be on stilts, facilitating den play underneath, tables and chairs can be added, slides and scramble nets add challenge and risk whilst a revolving crane encourages transportation of sand and other loose materials.

A cluster of small houses with the House Group create a small village that can be used for different role play opportunities such as the home, bakery and post office.

• Small/Big Play House
• House on Stilts
• Two Storey Playhouse
• House Group
• Platform House