It’s raining, it’s pouring…

A supply of water within a play space provides unlimited fun, learning and play value. Children love to engage with water, it offers them the flexibility to use it in many meaningful ways, offering powerful learning.

Water is great for developing mathematical and scientific understanding as children explore concepts such as empty/full, greater/less than, heavy/light. Physical skills are developed through the use of both large and small muscles. Carrying large buckets of water requires strength whilst squeeze bottles and sponges ensure smaller muscles get a work out.

Here at Playgarden we love water! We think of water and we think BIG! We like to create water landscapes that maximise the beauty that water holds for children. Flowing water pebble streams mean that children can immerse themselves into water with their whole body, enjoying the sensory feel of it on their hands and under their feet. The flow of water can be controlled by children as they channel it along in different directions and watch the water move in its many ways.

We understand the importance of having lots of opportunities to mix water with other natural ingredients which is why we encourage a ready supply of sand, soil, plants, pebbles and leaves close by.

• Pebble play stream
• Dry river bed
• Waterfall
• Dams
• Water channels
• Outdoor taps
• Storage for water resources