Have you ever wondered why children love to build a tower of blocks and then knock it down again? What looks like a simple activity and a simple resource enables children to explore and develop much more than would appear at first sight including strength, coordination, narrative, literacy, language, co-operation, negotiation, self-confidence, empowerment and intelligence.

Block play is appealing to children on many levels. Large blocks such as wood, cardboard or bales present the physical challenge of manipulation; getting your arms around them, lifting, dragging, tipping and transporting are challenging and rewarding actions. Often large blocks become the catalyst for group co-operative activity, either in the desire to move quantities of them or the desire to perform a task such as a large building project that would be easier and quicker with some help.

Playbales are manufactured to be exceptionally durable. The reinforced stitching and robust webbing handles can withstand the roughest treatment, both indoors and outdoors. The zipped covers can be easily removed for washing purposes.

The Playbale is filled with a barley straw and a plastic cover, to protect it from the elements and covered with a highly durable cotton canvas fabric. The outer cover is designed to last for at least 5 years and the inner bale of straw can be replaced easily, as required.

The size (L47cm, W30cm, D16cm) and weight (3.6kg) has been designed to provide a physical challenge for children aged 3 and above.