Growing & Planting

Planting a rainbow…

Planting and growing is very important for children, it helps them understand that life has patterns and rhythms that work with the seasons. Plants encourage children to play and learn at the same time as they begin to smell, touch and see the way each type looks.

Simple things such as cutting the grass less frequently, increasing planting diversity and introducing visual and seasonal interest all enhance the play value of the space. Playgarden’s Landscape Architects are able to advise on ideal planting for play.

Plants speak to the senses and offer a very effective way for children to learn and play. Growing is a remarkably powerful theme for young children, with a strong emotional element, masses of learning in every aspect of the curriculum, lots of moving and doing and the potential of laying down the interests and healthy habits for life. The living world changes from day to day as the seasons change, giving endless new experiences within predictable rhythms.

The planting will encourage the habitation of wildlife and minibeasts.

• Woodland planting
• Willow archway/dome
• Wildlife planting
• Sensory planting
• Fruit and vegetable gardens
• Herb garden
• Picking boarders
• Bamboo and tall grasses
• Fruit trees
• Climbers and shrubs
• Garden of reflection