Natural Seating

Narrator’s can take a pew…

Small spaces for cosy conversation or large areas for group story telling are great for improving communication and social interactions. The outdoor space should include areas for story-telling, acting out stories or for children to compose their own stories together.

In addition to these creative opportunities, good seating provides opportunities to socialise and meet friends or simply a place to take time out and reflect on their own. High quality seating is also essential for staff to engage with children as they play within the outdoor area.

Informal ‘seating’ can also be used for other play opportunities; balance logs offer opportunities for physical development including refinement of balance and coordination and the development of the vestibular system. Natural stone boulders provide opportunities for a wide range of movement as well as stimulating the senses.

• Natural seating – various shapes and sizes; round, square, tall, short
• Stone circle – low level
• Timber round seating
• Timber cube seating
• Small/large story telling chair
• Low level mounds
• Playbales