Mud Play

Let’s get stuck in the mud…

It is easy to see why Practitioners have a reticence to embrace mud play. It does not appeal to our adult sensibilities and we are conditioned to believe it carries germs and is dirty. But mud is one of the most important things in life, without earth and water where would we be?

Thankfully over the years perceptions have shifted and Practitioners have battled against their preconceptions to see mud for the play value it presents. More and more settings are choosing to have dedicated mud areas; check out the mud slide and the mud kitchen!

One of the best ways of using mud is within a Mud Kitchen. This combines the role playing opportunities of the domestic corner with the exciting and ever changing properties of mud, providing massive scope for imaginative play for toddlers through to children of 7 plus. Schools can cost-effectively create their own Mud Kitchen, much of the equipment needed to create one can cheaply be sourced as unwanted items from the local community.

• Mud kitchen
• Mud digging pit
• Mud planters
• Mud potting bench
• Mud slide