Asquith Day Nursery, Nottingham

Asquith Day Nursery – Nottingham

Asquith Day Nurseries are one of the UK’s leading providers of childcare and education. The Nottingham Day Nursery is a spacious, modern and well-equipped purpose built nursery.

Project Brief

The previous play area at this nursery lacked atmosphere. It was dominated by equipment in a small space with synthetic mats and a high fence, all of which made it dark and unfriendly. The management team approached Playgarden to create something much more natural that allowed young children to play in a free non prescribed way.


A sensory playgarden was designed that would engage the children’s senses with the outside elements. This incorporated a large sand pit with a water pump, a bridge, a sand table and boulders surrounded by a textured path. This was mixed with many natural outdoor features such as a new lawn, a decked pergola with a separate baby sandpit and lots of planters to give it that organic, play garden feel.

Equipment: Water pump

Landscaping: Sand, boulders, planting, water play, shade and decking

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