Wingate Children’s Centre, Durham

Wingate Children’s Centre – Durham

Wingate Children’s Centre is an established nursery, opening in 1992. It is situated in Wingate House, a large detached Victorian residence within spacious grounds.

Project Brief

Wingate Children’s Centre wanted to provide a happy, secure play environment that combined maximum fun and stimulus, whilst developing children’s own personalities and reaching their full potential.


The wonderful play space shows what can be done in a relatively small garden. There are two sandpits, one for free play, with boulders and logs and the other with building site equipment. There is also a playground water pump with channels and elements for controlling water flow. The House group provides low level climbing opportunities and den type activities. A small swing at the rear of the garden completes the equipment offer.

One of the great things about this play area is that the nursery staff accentuate the fixed equipment with other elements such as buckets and spades, a parachute, funnels, trays, cups and pulleys thereby changing the play space every day.

Equipment: Building Site, House Group, Playground Pump, Two Storey Playhouse

Landscaping: Large sandpit, boulders and tree trunks, sand and bark.

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