Surfaces & Textures

Take a walk on the wildside…

Children love multi-sensory experiences which is why many of our Playgarden designs are layered with the rich experiences of grass, wood, stone, vegetation, sand and water.

Different textures and materials stimulate sensorial play. The developing child needs to be able to spend lots of time moving around a landscape that provides a range of different kinds and quality of surface.

Provision of a hard surface, tactile pathway of different materials enhances the physical and sensory experiences. Playgarden offers a range of surfaces which encourage children to work on their locomotion and co-ordination skills. They need a variety of surfaces which demand a range of body control, attention and effort. They need uneven and less predictable surfaces such as grass mounding and balancing opportunities to encourage more physical development. The provision of other natural materials because of their open-ended nature, facilitate imaginative play and encourage small world play.

• Short and long grass
• Artificial grass
• Bumpy pavements
• Wooden sleepers
• Play bark
• Play sand