Caves, Tunnels & Mounds

We go up and under, forward, backwards…

Space for children to imagine and travel to other worlds and new environments is essential in any play environment. Caves, tunnels and mounds allow for climbing, jumping and adventure fantasy play, as well as creating secret spaces, facilitating quiet sitting and thinking.

This physical challenge is essential; especially for toddlers who are learning about balance and how their bodies work (they are great for rolling down!)

Cosy cave spaces are good for taking time out to reflect or simply have some ‘quiet’ time away from the hustle and bustle of other children. They are also ideal for creating den play opportunities and the addition of loose elements, such as tarpaulins, allows children to create their own den spaces.

Children love the physical challenge and movement that ensues from including caves, tunnels and mound features into a play space. It encourages social interactions with friends and boisterous play. Gentle and steep slopes allow children to test their physical abilities both upwards and downwards.

• Mounding with linking bridge
• Mounding with crawl tunnel
• Mounded cave
• Boulder cave
• Steps and terraces
• Mound with slide
• Mound with boulder wall
• Mud slide